API server over HTTP, WebSockets, and TCP.


Install Node.js: Node.js

Install shelly:

$ npm install shellyjs

Or Install Tip from Git:

$ npm install git+ssh://

GitHub Repo

Quick Start

Install Steps.

Run the example app:

$ node node_modules/shellyjs/example/app.js

Explore admin: http://localhost:5100/

(admin user: "shelly", password: "shelly")

Explore example games: http://localhost:5102/


  • Drop in support for API functions
  • Functions run over HTTP, WebSockets, and TCP
  • Multi-server clustering
  • Ready built APIs (registration, users, storage...)
  • Web based API testing
  • User online/offline detection
  • Push events
  • Parameter validation
  • Role based per function API security
  • Async job queues (email, push notifications)
  • Object presistence, caching, and locking
  • Plugable data storage
  • Server side statistics
  • Logging

Built-in APIs

  • reg.js - login, anonymous registration
  • channel.js - sync and async messaging
  • game.js - turn based game control
  • match.js - matches users and creates games
  • challenge.js - allows users to send/accept challenges
  • suggest.js - suggests users that may want to play
  • object.js - generic object CRUD
  • stats.js - access to internal server statistics
  • api.js - access to installed API definitions
  • cluster.js - cluster information and control
  • system.js - system information
  • user.js - user control
  • counter.js - user counter access and notification